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Surrogacy is a arrangement where pregnancy is carried for intended parents. There are generally 2 types of surrogacy, traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy. Using a surrogate mother is still somewhat controversial, but still it is one more option for parents having a baby through new reproductive technology. A woman decide to use a surrogate for several reasons:
  • She may have Uterus related problems.
  • She may have had a hysterectomy that removed her uterus.
  • Conditions where pregnancy is impossible such as severe heart disease.

Success rates

Many people try this procedure for betterment of their families. Surrogacy success rates are constantly increasing due to its 90% result observed in second or third try. Going by this procedure, you able to bring home baby within 14-18 months.

In 90% cases, half of all gestational carriers get pregnant in 1st IVF attempt. Those that remain go for a second or third attempt where they always get results. Even in many cases, we get twin babies from gestational carrier. However, surrogacy is expensive which will cost about $50,000.

Care After the Procedure
  • There are different concerns which arises after surrogacy like legal, psychological, religious concerns etc.
  • A medical procedure to visually map the structures of the uterus is also required
  • Surrogates also need screening for immunity to measles, rubella.