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Medanta is ranked as the top hospital by The Times for cardiology and is ranked 5th by The Week. Medanta heart institute has an integrated healthcare centre with a devoted team which is headed by Dr. R.R.Kasliwal, a Dr. B. C. Roy National Awardee. He has over three decades of experience in cardio vascular sciences with over 200 publications and more than 150 awards to his credit. The Medcityhas the state of the art Hybrid Operating Suit, which is one of its kinds in this part of the world; it houses all the equipment and monitoring devices necessary to perform all sorts of cardiac surgery. The hospital also has 256 slice CT scan which is the first in this part of the world which provides high resolution pictures making detections easier.
At Medanta heart institute they put in dedicated efforts, time and expertise to people suffering with heart disease in order to enable them continue the journey of life with the healthiest possible heart.