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Dr. Rajan Shah

Experience :
28 Years
Specialization :
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  • Managing more then 8000, brain tumors with less than 1% mortality in the last 1000 brain tumor surgeries.
  • Have managed more than 450 cerebral aneurysm and 100+ Arterio venous malformations with internationally comparable outcomes.
  • Have special interest in management of trigeminal neuralgia, offering both the options of Microvascular Decompression surgery and percutaneous radio frequency ablation of the trigeminal nerve (a day care procedure). Have privilege of looking after 600+ patients.
  • Besides management of spinal tumors of all kinds and degenerative spinal pathologies with minimal access route, I have significant experience in looking after acute disease like brain injuries and stokes.
  • Gained experience as travelling fellow for 9-12 weeks, to train in newer technology and keep abreast of nuances in my field at

  • Mount Sinia Hospital, New York
  • Fujita University Hospital, Japan

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