Dr. Bharat Vijay Purohit

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Dr. Bharat Vijay Purohit

Experience :
14 Years
Education :
Specialization :
Cardiac Surgeon
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Dr. Bharath Purohit is the Chief of Cath Lab and Interventional Cardiology and a Consultant Cardiologist at Continental Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences. In his stellar career of over 12 years in the field of Interventional Cardiology, Dr. Purohit has performed countless procedures with high success rates. Dr. Purohit has received the Medtronic Physician Fellowship from Washington Medical Centre, Washington, U.S.A. As a surgeon, Dr. Purohit believes in taking up challenging cases and delivers maximum successful outcomes

Use of ulnar approach for percutaneous interventions- more than 250 procedures performed Radial approach used in more than 500 coronary interventions Performed independently All complex Coronary interventions e.g. Primary PCI, CTO’s(Retrograde Approach Also), SVG graft interventions, Left main Interventions, Bifurcation Stenting etc. Performed Independently ASD Device closure,PDA Closure, RSOV closure, Alcohol Septal Ablation in HOCM, Peripheral Interventions (Iliac,Femoral Popliteal), Renal Stenting

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